Jul 12, 2011

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UBC’s Got Talent

Pentatonics was honoured to be chosen to perform at the finale of UBC’S GOT TALENT. Opening the night with Everlong and Explosive, Pentatonics definitely boosted the adrenaline level of the audience, and exposed the rocker genes hidden in each everyone of them. At the end of the night, by popular votes from the audience, Pentatonics was awarded with second place! Congratulations to Sittinon for winning first place with his mind-blowing Rubik’s cube skills, and Unlimited Dance for placing third with their  flawless dance moves.  Mission accomplished!  Special thanks to AMS society of UBC for organizing this event, and our member Michelle Kwan for catching this opportunity :)

On the other note, summer’s here! Penties are enjoying their summer by rehearsing new songs arranged by drummer Anson Zhang. Aside from jamming on a sunny Sunday, here’s an update to some of their busy summers:

Michelle is currently taking summer classes at UBC and once they’re over she’ll be heading off to beautiful, glamorous land of LA.

Having traveled London, Paris, Rome and many pretty European places, Kathy is tanned and happy to be reunited with the rest of the Penties.

How are your summers so far? Leave a comment below and share with us some of your “Pentastic” moments!


  1. you guys had tens of thousands of dollars of audio/video equipment, one of the best acoustically treated halls in the lower mainland, and you couldn’t be arsed to record sound through the mixer?

  2. kathypan says:

    We apologize for the horrible sound quality. The engineer of the event forgot to plug the microphone into the mixer. Therefore, the sound you hear in the video is actually recorded by an audience at the show.

  3. Thanks for the comment! We had no control over the video or audio as it was produced by UBC AMS. We will aim to get a proper recording through the mixer next time.

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