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Mar 18, 2011

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Engineering Excellence Celebration

UBC Engineering Faculty invited Pentatonics to perform at the Engineering Excellence Celebration since we won 2nd place at UBC’s Got Talent (WOOHOOO!!!). 1st place winner Sittinon was also a guest performer and he was showing off his skill of solving a rubix cube in one hand and eating a banana in the other under 15 seconds! Of course Pentatonics has got our own tricks up our sleeves and wowed the crowd! We definitely inspired some of the engineers out there in the crowd =)

Fun Facts:

Did you know that every member of Pentatonics is either a student or alumni of UBC (with the exception of Anson who is in highschool)?

Did you know none of the members in Pentatonics are/were music major at UBC?

So we all do our own thing by day and we’re rockstars by night!!

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