Nov 27, 2011

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Canadian Cancer Society Fundraising Gala

Pentatonics had a fabulous time performing at Vancouver Diamond Lions Club’s fundraising gala for the Canadian Cancer Society. We performed a 30 minute set and of course the songs Fairy Tail and Everlong/Explosive were a crowd favorite once again. At this performance, we played for the first time Herbert’s arrangement of Smooth Criminal by Michael Jackson and we totally rocked the stage ¬†except we were just missing the moonwalk move from Kenny and Charlie. But next time we’ll definitely incorporate it into our performance!

Do you guys ever wonder what we do in the change room while we’re waiting for our turn to go on stage?? HOMEWORK! Well, half of us are doing homework and the other half are fooling around. Me (Michelle), Kathy, Samson and Herbert are still in school at UBC so we were busting our butts off doing those final projects, reports and preparing for final exams.

This is our final scheduled performance of the year and Pentatonics will be up and ready to go for 2012, year of the DRAGON!!!

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