Jan 17, 2011

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Ubyssey UBC’s Got Talent | Question and answer

Ubyssey has interviewed Michelle prior to the UBC’s Got Talent event:

Michelle Kwan – Pentatonics

What’s your talent?
We are a Chinese instrumental band called Pentatonics consisting of nine musicians. Rather than playing traditional Chinese music, Pentatonics uses Chinese instruments to play mainstream music such as pop, rock, cross-over classical and many more. The instruments we play include erhu, dizi, guzheng, pipa, ruan, yangqin, drumset and keyboard.

How did you learn to play?
Like most kids, our parents made us learn the instruments when we were little. We were all classically trained on our instruments and, recently, we wanted to do something different and more exciting. So we decided to form a group which incorporates Chinese instruments and Western instruments to play music that is more mainstream.

Full event interviews with other groups:

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